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      According to mythology Zeus, who was the father of Gods, fell in love with one of God Asopo's daughters, who was very beautiful and her name was Aegina. He kidnapped her and took her to the island of Oinoi.
      There, they had a son called Aiakos and the island was named after her. Zeus made Aiakos a king and according again to mythology, he turned the ants of the island into people so he could have citizens.
      For this reason, the inhabitants of Aegina were called Mirmidones. Aiakos married Kedavro Xeirona's daughter called Endintha with whom he had Pileas and Telamonas. He also married Nirintha Psamanthi with whom he had Foko. Pileas and Telamonas murderedFoko out of jealously and then they left the island.
Pileas went to Thessalia, he married Thetitha and they had a son called Achilleas. Telamonas went to Salamina, he married Arivoia and they had Aiada.
      Aegina was Achileas and Aiada's hometown and they were both two of the most important heroes in the war of Troy. Aiakos, never forgave Pileas and Telamonas. He was pious and fair and when he died, he became a judge in Adiswith Rodamanthi and Minoa.


     The Archaeological Museum of Aegina has ancient remains and relics.
It was founded in 1828 by Ioannis Kapodistrias. In the museum, there are different vessels, pottery, ceramics, alabasters, statuettes, inscriptions, coins, weapons and copper vessels. In the lobby of the museum, there is a representation of the first greek residence, called "the white house". Markello's tower was built around 1800 by Spiridona Markello who was a member of Parliament in Aegina. The first greek government from 1816-1828 was housed at Markello's tower along with Greek fund organization for a certain period of time.
     The Cathedral was also used as a parliament house in 1827 and in 1828 for the first greek goverment.
In the Cathedral, there are many historic relics, a marple icon screen, remarkable murals and icons.  The Government House is located near the Cathedral, in the center of the city.
      It's a very important building for modern greek history. In this building was the first government of Greece.
It was Ioannis Kapodistria's house. It's a two-storey, stony building with a wooden roof. On the first floor, the first room was the office, opposite the secretary's office and on the right was the record office room. Today, on this floor, is the historic record office room of Aegina. Next to the Government House, is another stony building which today is the Municipal Library of Aegina
        In the southeast of the city, is the Orphanage which was built by Ioannis Kapodistrias in a building block which was offered by the Dimogerontia of Aegina.  It was used for shelter and as a school for the orphans. The orphanage had laboratories where the children learned skills. So, there were printing-houses, dressmaking, shoemaking and bookbinding.
        The Historic Museum of Aegina is in Spirou Rodi street. On the groundfloor, there is a place for exhibitions which is also used as the spiritual Center. On the first floor there are many historic and folklore exhibits. Theatrical plays are often performed in the garden of the museum.  Apart from the historic Museum in Aegina there is also the Chris Kapralo's Museum which is in the northwest part of the island about 3 kilometers from the town. In the museum there are many exhibits like paintings, sculptures, ceramics and works of forged lead and copper.



     Popular beach resort on the northern side of the island. The picturesque beaches and the crystal water of the region attract many visitors in summer. Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organized
       Nice secluded beach in close distance to Aegina Town. This is a picturesque place that doesn't usually get crowded. Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organized
Agia Marina
    Sandy beach of Agia Marina is well organized with sun beds, umbrellas and watersports centres. It gets very popular in summer and has many hotels along the beach. Sandy, Family Friendly, Organised, Water sports
    Cosy beach of Perdika is lined by many fish taverns. It is not as tourist developed as other resorts on the island, but still it has some tourist facilities. Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organized 


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