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       According to mythology, Andros was a grandson of Apollo and general under the Cretan king Rhadamanthus. Because he had served the king well, he was given this island. Many peoples have lived on Andros: it was first settled by Carians, Phoenicians and Cretans in the 2nd millennium BC. Much later, in the 5th century BC, it was conquered by Persia, and so joined the Athenian league for protection.
      Athens demanded too high tributes, though, and so Andros changed sides and joined the Spartans.
       In the 4th century the island was ruled by the Macedonians, and then by the Romans. The Venetians ruled Andros from the beginning of the 13th century, and by then the island was very rich. The Byzantine years had been good to it, and because of the defines, it had managed to ward off most pirate attacks.
      The Turks invaded in 1537 under General Barbarossa. Andros fought hard in the war of Independence that broke out in 1821, and was liberated nine years later. The greatest catastrophe came in 1943 when the Germans bombarded the island until it was completely destroyed.


       In Andros' capital, Chora, there is a museum about the island's shipbuilding through times. There is also an archaeological museum with artifacts from many periods in history.
      The Sariza wells are natural wells where you can drink that water straight out of them. Much of the bottled water on Andros comes from here. Menites is a lovely village to stroll around in. The tree covered valley of Messaria covers the complete width of Andros from the west to the east and ends at the coastal capital town of Hora. Here you can find some of the most beautiful villages of the island. On the northern side are the villages of Strapouries, Pitrofos, Menites, Lamira, Mesathouri and Ipsilou and, to the south the villages of Aladino, Falika, Koureli and Sasa. In Byzantine times, all this area, with Messaria at its center, was the epicenter for the economic development of Andros.
       The same area saw a second boost in its development at the beginning of the 20th Century with the growth of navigation. In this area, too, you will find many of the island's beautiful Byzantine churches and the Monastery of Panayia Panachrantou (Virgin Mary). Hora itself stands out as an elegant and well-maintained town. Here you can see the beautiful, neo-classical town houses and mansions of the upper-classes and ships' captains who lived here throughout the last century.  All of these features are found in a lush, idyllic landscape of gardens and rich farmlands, which owe their existence to the plentiful water, which literally flows everywhere.
       The final wonderful quality of Hora is its peace and tranquillity owing to the fact that its main centre is pedestrianized. Cars are parked at the edge of the centre and the centre itself is reached by foot. The same goes for the outlying villages. You can only go as far as the outskirts of each village by car and from there on walking using the village lanes.
          Furthermore, the whole island is a paradise for walkers as you can visit all this, taking in a complete picture of the area, by means of a large and well maintained network of footpaths.


      In the northwestern side of the island, 5 km north of the port of Gavrio. 
Very large beach with crystal clear water, the depth of which varies. It is not organized, but has trees that provide shade and it is considered as one of the best of the island. You can enjoy your meal at the tavern "To Steki tou Andrea" located near the beach.
Agios Petros (St. Peter)
       Next to the main road leading from Batsi to Gavrio, shortly after the "Chrisi Ammos" (Golden Beach).  It is the island's largest beach, sandy, with shallow waters and quite exposed to the wind. It is fully organized with sunbeds, beach bar and family taverns.
Chrisi Ammos (Golden Beach)
       Next to the main road leading from Batsi to Gavrio. It is the most popular beach of Andros. It is well organized with sunbeds and beach bars with loud music. As its name implies, is covered with fine sand. Its location ensures good protection from the wind.
       At Batsi, one of the most crowded villages of the island. Fully organized beach with sand and shallow waters, ideal for families. It provides sunbeds. Many restaurants, cafes and taverns are located here
Tis Grias to Pidima (Old Lady's Leap)
        On the southeastern side of the island, on the north part of Ormos Korthiou. Its unique characteristic is a tower-like rock formation emerging from the water. It’s a rather small beach with both sand and pebbles and crystal clear waters.
       On the eastern side of the island, between Chora and Korthi. One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, with pebbles, deep crystal clear waters and sea caves. It is surrounded by mountains that offer shade during the afternoon. It is exposed to northern winds. The "Dipotamata" canyon with its traditional watermills ends here, where also several scenes of the movie "Little England" were filmed.
       On the eastern side of the island, north of Chora. It is probably the most beautiful beach of Andros, with fine sand, small white pebbles, magnificent waters, plane trees and a creek that leads to the beach.
       On the northeastern side of the island. Large beach, with rich golden sand and crystal clear waters, ideal for those who love fishing. There is also a summer tavern.


"Micra Anglia" 4* Boutique Hotel
       This chic and stylish hotel deserves its name…A name inspired by the past and glorious epoch of the island of Andros. It connotes to the times when this island was the most important naval power in the world and when great captains and Lords alike, were referring to the island of Andros as ‘little England’. Situated in the heart of the town of Andros and presents its guests with elegant luxury via a nostalgic voyage in the history of the area, without the unnecessary flamboyance.
"Mare Vista Hotel- Epaminondas" 4*
    Situated in Batsi, one of the most picturesque villages in Andros island. Hotel offers to its guests a variety of different types of accommodation that feature airconditioned bedrooms, spacious verandas with superb views to the picturesque bay, the village and the marina of Batsi.
"Aneroussa beach"  Guest House 
        The hotel is well-known for the natural beauty of its romantic and serene environment and no less for its unique style, insightfully blending architectural elements of neo-classical mansions of Andros with the simplicity characterizing Cycladic architecture. Our rooms are surrounded by open verandas and balconies with a breath-taking view of the sea below, at the same time offering all modern amenities in its carefully designed interiors, thus combining discrete luxury with aesthetic pleasure.