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  SIFNOS      36°59'30"N  24°40'33"E          VHF 12


Police: + (30) 22840-31210
Hospital: + (30) 22840-31315

       A surprisingly green island for the Cyclades, Sifnos offers a good variety of peace and quiet and things to do. Even though it is a popular island, both amongst Greeks and foreigners, it has kept its originality and is resisting the commercialisation many other islands have suffered.
       The locals on Sifnos live off agriculture, the natural source of aluminium and tourism, and the olive trees grow practically everywhere. In ancient times it was famous for mining gold, silver and iron.
      A striking feature of this island is the many churches: there is a church for each day of the year, and most of them are only open on that day.


     The capital of the island called Apollonia, after its ancient patron god, and here there is an art museum. The old part is called Artemonas, and there might have been a temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis here. Kastro is the old capital, and the Ventian citadel here dates back to the 14th century.
     There is a small archaeological museum here, and the village itself is well worth a visit. Panagia Vouno, (The virgin of the Mountain) is a fascinating church that is usually open in the mornings. The monastery of the Virgin Mary of the Golden Well (Panagia Chryso-pigi) is situated just outside Faros and is open to the public. Don't forget to wear proper clothing though. The icon of the Virgin here is said to have healing powers


    The best beaches are at Faros, but Kastro and Platys Gialos are also to be recommended.
In Kamares there is a beach as well, but the sand is not as fine.
Chersonissos is a lovely bay and Vathy is nice and quiet.


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VERINA Suites Guest House
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