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       Skyros is also mentioned in Greek mythology, and its presence was perceptible throughout the course of Greece.
        There are four mythical persons connected with the island of Skyros. Theseus, Lycomedes, Achilles and Neoptolemus.
When Theseus, after his labors, returned from Hades was disappointed by the Menesthea who took the throne, decided to go to Skyros, from where he came from and had a fortune from his father Aegeus.
          Arriving in Skyros was the King Lycomedes, who annoyed and fearing of the presence of Theseus, whom he considered a competitor to the throne, decided to exterminate him. So he met his tragic end in Skyros, one of the greatest heroes of Greek mythology.
         In the Palace of Likomidis also lived Achilles, who his mother Thetis had hidden him here, because she knew that if her son was fighting at Troy, we would have had a tragic end. In the Palace of Likomidis, Achilles fell in love with the King's daughter Deidamia, who gave birth to their son, Pyrrhus. Odysseus was the one who led Achilles in Troy, resorting to his trick of known identification of Achilles and the story followed the known to us course. After the death of Achilles, his son Pyrrhus, at the age of just 12 years old, went to Troy, again with Odysseus’ commixture  and fought bravely and thereafter was named Neoptolemus (new to war.).
        The first inhabitants of Greece were the Pelasgians and with them the Carians, the Leleges, the Dryopes and Dolopians. Genders of these people lived in Skyros, where we have the first defensive walls in Skyros from Pelasgians.


The Byzantine Castle in Skyros Town
        Built on the highest point of Skyros town and overlooking the whole area, has a long history behind it. Altough it is not as well preserved as other castles in Greece, this stone fortress was built in the Byzantine Times to protect the island from enemies and pirates that were frequently devastating the Aegean islands that time. The architecture of the Castle is simple but strong. Over the main entrance, you will see a marble lion built in the wall. Although there are only a few remains of the old fortifications, the Castle of Skyros offers great views of all the Town and the sea.
The Ponies
          The mountains to the southeast of Skyros town are home to the unique breed of ponies which exist on the island since their introduction there by the Athenians in the 8th century BC. This rare breed can only be found on Skyros and they number only a few hundreds today. Since the old times the ponies have lived, evolved and developed their unique characteristics here isolated from the rest of the Greek islands and the mainland.
The Monastery Tower of Agios Georgios
         Saint George  stands in the Castle above Chora, the capital of Skyros. This monastery was probably built in the middle 13th century and at first it belonged to the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople. The monastery belongs to the Megisti Lavra monastery of Mount Athos since the midlle ages. The premises have been well-preserved since their construction during the Venetian and Ottoman conquests of the island. The main church of Saint George was built between 1599 and 1602, as indicates the marble sign on the bell tower. The interior of the church has valuable frescoes and a wooden carved iconostasis. In 2001, serious damages occured in the monastery from an earthquake and it was completely renovated. Recently the monastery opened again for visit and it remains open in the daytime. From the balcony of the west side, visitors get a magnificent view of Chora and the island. 


Magazia or Gialos
       Long sandy beach right underneath Hora, to which it offers a marvelous view especially in the evening. Apart from umbrellas and sunbeds, the beach hosts taverns, beach bars and some hotels and rooms to let. Along with Molos, which is right next to this beach, Magazia is considered the most cosmopolitan coast of the island
      Can be considered as the natural continuation of the Magazia beach. With golden sand and shallow calm waters, this beach attracts youngsters thanks to the lively beach bars, the traditional taverns and its easy access. Visitors may choose between the organized part of the beach and the freely accessible part, both with crystal clean waters. On the left end of Molos there is a little port, which adds a picturesque note to the already beautiful landscape.
         Probably the most picturesque beach of Skyros. The beautiful emerald waters reflect the color of the pine trees that hang above the sea, whereas a verdant atoll is situated in the middle of this gorgeous bay, creating a unique view. Although Atsitsa is not organized, it hosts a famous tavern with excellent fish and sea food, where visitors can also get water or a light snack. Access is easy via an asphalt road and the coast is both pebbled and sandy.
        Amazing beach, at the end of a long indented bay formed by serial cliffs with pine trees. The turquoise water here is always calm and the sea bottom is quite interesting, boasting some rocks of various shapes and, thus, ideal for snorkeling. Pefkos is not an organized beach, but there is a tavern and it attracts many boats and yachts, which anchor in the little harbor
Kyra Panagia
       Named after the homonymous chapel at the edge of the beach, Kyra Panagia (i.e. Virgin Mary) is a dazzling beach with white sand and shallow waters, ideal for children. However, the water here is very cold, a fact that makes this beach ideal for a refreshing swim when the temperature is very high (usually in July). Right behind the beach of Kyra Panagia, the hills are covered with pine trees and enhance the area’s natural beauty. 
Agios Petros
        Owes its name to the homonymous little island right in front of the beach. This is very long, tranquil beach, with crystal clear turquoise waters and white pebbles. There are no umbrellas or sunbeds, but there is a tavern right before arriving to the beach. Although arriving at Agios Petros requires passing through a 4 km. dirt road, the road is quite good and this beach is definitely worth a visit. 


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