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SPETSES    37°15'38.8"N  23°09'57.8"E     VHF  12


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      Spetses is the capital and the harbour of island. The settlement has been characterized perceivable. The mansions houses of the captains with their characteristic architecture, the Byzantine churches and the pebble paving alleys constitute samples of the traditional architecture that characterize the town.
       The central square of the town, Dapia, assembles the bigger tourist interest. Around of her function a lot of taverns and cafeterias, while in these neighbourhoods there are a lot of hotels and villas. At the restaurants and taverns of the island with a view of the sea, the visitor can enjoy fresh fish, sea nibbles and a great variety of other dishes, while you should not neglect to taste the marvellous almond toffees of Spetses. 
        The quietness of the day follow the intense pace of the night entertainment, which has a great variety of Greek and foreign music and thus satisfies all wishes and preferences.


Bouboulinas Museum
       The contribution of the island in the Greek Revolution has been identified with the action of the heroine Laskarina Bouboulinas. She is the woman that consecrates one’s life to the fight for the freedom. The mansion house of the captain woman, as the local habitants called her, functions from her descendants as museum. The visitor has the opportunity to be informed, from the guide, the facts of life of Bouboulinas, from then that she was born in a Turkish prison, her initiation to the Friendly Company (Filiki Etairia), her action during the fight, and finally her inglorious death. The heroine was killed during a familial conflict in her house. Also the visitor will see the house in which lived Laskarina and many personal belongings of her. 
Museum of Spetses / Hatzigiannis-Mexis Mansion
       The Museum of Spetses is housed in the mansion of Hatzigiannis-Mexis one of the lords of the island who took part in the Greek Revolution for Independence in 1821. The exhibits include findings from an early Mycenaean shipwreck (around 1200 B.C), vessels of the Early Hellenic and Classical Period, sculptures and coins from the Roman and Byzantine years, post Byzantine icons and relics. Also there are the bones of Laskarina Bouboulina, guns and portraits of local heroes, pictures of ships which took part in the combats.
The lighthouse at the old harbor
         One of the oldest lighthouses that ever operated in Greece is located on the right side of the old harbor of the island of Spetses. It first operated in 1837 and is standing in an overall height of 27 metres from sea level on a beautiful hill with pine trees. Since 1986 the lighthouse is operating automatically with electric current.
The monastery of St. Nicholas 
         Situated just outside Spetses town, and is open to visitors. The patron saint of this monastery is also a patron of sailors, and it was here the Spetsan leaders took the oath of freedom when the war of Independence was about to break out in 1821.


The beaches of Spetses promise unforgettable moments to you!
      The most popular of them are the Agia Marina beach that is found in the north-eastern side of Spetses, the beach of Agios Mamas that is found near to Dapia, the Kounoupitsa and Agios Nikolaos with crystal waters.
      The beach of Agia Paraskevi is considered as one of the more beautiful beaches of the island. It is found in a dense vegetation region. The pines and the golden sandy beach compose exotic scenery.
       All the beaches of Spetses are beautiful, especially those of the south-western part of the island, combining the ocean’s blue with the woodland’s green. Visit the 'college' beach of Kaiki, so called for its proximity to a school.          Or perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate life at the uniquely beautiful beach of Vrellos.
       Many consider Zogeria, at the cove of the same name, to be the island’s best beach. Lush foliage, a peaceful environment and clean waters: the perfect getaway. 


"Poseidonion Grand" 5* Hotel
       Built in 1914 by Panagiotis Zissilas.Situated in Spetses, a picturesque island near Athens with rich naval history and lovely beaches, and what is more a destination for jet-setters all year long, Poseidonion Grand Hotel has been the landmark of the island for nearly a century with its exceptional architecture echoing hotels of Cote d’Azur style.
"Orloff" 5* Resort 
         Boutique hotel lies near the cosmopolitan Old Harbor of Spetses, where the heart of the island’s nobility and historical tradition beats.
The vision in the minds and hearts of its creators was to build a place of tranquility that would be relaxing on the eye and calming to the senses.
"Villa Nika" Furnished Apartments
          Boutique hotel, situated in the region Agia Marina in the green island of Spetses.Its distance from organized beach, taverns and super market is 2 minutes walk.Villa Nika is new built, with environmentally friendly materials. It has a big garden and a big swimming pool of high standards, equipped with hydro massage.It is an ideal place for relaxation, for families, for couples and small group