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      Syros is found almost in the centre of the Cyclades. It is East from islands Andro, Tino, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, westwards from Siphnos, Serifos, Kythnos, Kea and north from Gyaro. From the hill of Ano Syra the visitor can see all these islands and immediately he will understand why Syros developed into the administrative, commercial, intellectual and cultural centre of Cyclades.
      The combination of natural beauty, the culture that it exudes and the hospitality of her residents is unique and it will make your vacation in Syros unforgettable.
The population of roughly 25 thousands residents are Orthodox and Catholics. The capital Ermoupolis is called "The Sovereign of Aegean" and it is built in the hills that surround the harbor. You will be charmed immediately by her impressive architecture which is perhaps the uniquely classical city that has remained in Greece.
        An architecture that has witnessed the history of Syros that began from ancient times and leads to today - A combination of old with the new, classical with the modern.


The Old Harbour
     There exist the old Deposits of Transit  that build in the 1834-1839 with government owned expense, drawings of J.V. Erlaher and with help from Vilhelm fon Vailer. The building of is total length of 122 m. and is separated in two wings.
In each wing they existed seven deposits. Front them existed gallery with big openings, that today have been closed. The barges went near the building from the sea, and unloaded directly in the deposit.
     There you will see the Faculty of Commercial Navy, where in the old days was accommodated the first Telegraph office of Greece and the Neo Classic building of Custom that gives a note of culture that floods the island.
Archeological Museum
     The Museum of Syros is one from the older archaeological museums of Greece. It was founded in 1834-35 and is accommodated today in the Municipal Palace of Ermoupolis, important monument, that was drawn by known architect E. Tsiller.
     The Museum of Syros, was initially founded as central protectoral the Cyclades, because Syros is the capital of prefecture. Later with the foundation of local Museums and in the other islands it was limited, from the dues of passed century, in the discoveries by Syros. They remained however in the Museum of Syros all discoveries had been imported in his collection from old, as lively from the Amorgos and the Kythnos, as well as small pieces from various other places (Aegina, Viotia etc).
      The more important however total of Museum constitutes the collection of discoveries from the settlement in the Halandriani, that is found in steep elevation in the means of Eastern coast of Syros, where were revealed important departments of fortification (in the place Kastri), ruins of residences, laboratories metal art and ceramics
Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis
        A Museum is given birth Above four hundred infrequent evidences from the industrial heritage of Ermoupolis, it was the first flavour from the Museum, in a report in May 2000. Maps and pictures from the end 17th until the means of 20th century, prototypes architectural and urban drawings from the creation of neo classic Ermoupolis, tables of painters from Syros of 19th century and effigies of boats, were certain only from the first exhibits.
         Today, the central trunk of report, they constitute roughly twenty maintained machines of collection of Museum, that are accompanied by tens objects, tools, raw material and products of industry. Living up the past At the same time, in the screens of report the visitor has the possibility admires pictures of her harbour season of steam and sails, of watching scenes of industrial work and of seeing a virtual collection of scientific bodies of 19th century.
Apollon Theatre
      In the first years one wooden house served various theatric artists that visited the island. Thus the theatrical movement of Syra will make perceptible the need a permanent and organised theatre. The initiative for his construction him undertook a man from Hermoupolis M.K. Salvagos.
On 30 October 1861 the Municipal Council accepted the proposals of citizens and he decided unanimously they are erected "via cooperative" and with the help of Municipality theatre and club in the central square. Simultaneously they calculated the expenses of manufacture in 60.000 Drs
       The foundation in the plot of square of theatre (today square of Io. Vardaka) very near in central square Miaouli, became in the dues 1862 beginnings 1863 in drawing of good architect P. Sampo that worked then as municipal architect in Hermoupolis.


Galissas Beach
       The most popular beach resort on the island of Syros, located approximately 5 km from Ermoupolis, the island's capital town. It is actually a small bay; the waters are safe, thus ideal for families with small kids. The seashore is golden sandy and short trees along the coast provide some sort of shade. The beach has been awarded the EU Blue Flag award, which assures the cleanness of its waters. Windsurfing is a very popular activity on this resort and there are also chances to practice other water sports.
Megas Gialos Beach
        Popular tourist resort on Syros island, chosen by many visitors to spend their vacations. It is placed to the south, 12 km far from Ermoupouli town, and can be reached by bus. It is a nice beach with a golden sandy shore and lots of high trees giving shade. Its crystalline waters are also shallow and safe. Megas Gialos counts on a good variety of restaurants and accommodation options, among other facilities, to make your holidays more comfortable and enjoyable.Its location offers a nice access to several beaches at the southern part of the island.
Finikas Beach
       Placed to the south-west coast of Syros island, 11 km from Ermoupouli town. Finikas beach has the shape of a small bay and its port is the second largest in Syros, after the port of Ermoupolis. Many fishing boats and yachts dock at Foinikas port, because it is sheltered from the northern summer winds, called "meltemia", which are so common in the Aegean islands.
Kini Beach
       About 9 km from Ermoupoulis Town and can be reached by bus. Kini is a nice beach with pebbled seashore and crystal waters. The beach is mostly known for its sunset views. Right in front of the beach you see the terrific statue of the mermaid
Ahladi Beach
      The beach with smooth sand and calm blue waters is popular for swimming. Taverns by the beach serve fresh local fish traditionally cooked. The bay is also popular for yachting. Studios and resorts nearby offer well serviced cottages and villas for rent. You can also find bars with live music, while Vari is also known for its intense nightlife. The beach is connected to Ermoupolis by an efficient bus service.
Kokkina Beach
        Situated to the south-west of Ermoupoli town, close to Finiki village. It is one of the lesser known beaches, a remote beach basically ideal for those who love peace and quiet. It used to be the favourite spot of naturists but a car park has now been created close to the seashore which prevents nudism. The waters are clean but the seashore is quite rocky and has some urchins, so pay attention. 


"Syrou Melathron" 4* Hotel
      The imposing main building of the hotel was built in Vaporia, the aristocratic district of the capital Ermoupolis, during the 19th century (1857). Fans of neo-classical beauty are impressed by it as it has been preserved and most of it has been kept intact with its balconies of Parian marble, the unique antefixes, archaic gables and wooden-carved eaves still present. In 1988, the building was officially declared a historical monument, and over the years it has been expanded and has adapted to the needs of the modern era, combining the aesthetics of the 19th century with all the comforts of a contemporary hotel.
"Faros" 4* Resort
      Stunningly situated overlooking the Aegean Sea in Azolimnos, this delightful hotel boasts a private natural bay. Guests will find themselves surrounded by innate beauty and serenity, perfect for travellers who are seeking a truly relaxing break.
       Enjoying an attractive architectural style, this charming hotel has perfectly captured the essence of Greece, and harmoniously blended it with contemporary convenience. The guest rooms are tastefully decorated and provide a relaxing space in which to completely unwind in comfort at the end of the day. The hotel invites guests to take advantage of its excellent facilities, ensuring that visitors enjoy a truly memorable stay.
"Dolphin Bay" 4* Beach Resort
        Dolphin Bay is an elegant, relaxing and classically beautiful resort, covering an area of 20.000 square meters. The resort is built amphitheatrically in the traditional Cycladic architectural style, and will impress you with its multi – level architecture, its natural stone structures and its typical Aegean blue and white color scheme.